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Hyundai Puts Family Back in the Driver’s Seat With It's Diversity Message

The new global "Make Quality Time" campaign takes a truly inclusive approach.



Hyundai Puts Family Back in the Driver’s Seat With It's Diversity Message
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A bride gets ready for her big day. At home, her mother adjusts her wedding dress so her daughter looks her best; her father excitedly drives her in an SUV to the ceremony. Smiling and radiant, she is greeted by friends and family. And then … her bride emerges from another car and the two hold hands: the birth of a new family and the start of an incredible adventure together.

This is not necessarily the scene you would imagine from an automaker’s advertising campaign, but it is precisely the bold and new approach that Hyundai is taking. It is placing value on its customers and putting family back into the foreground.

For some, family means marriage; for others it’s children; it can even be about pets. But ultimately, it is about being yourself and making quality time and memories with the ones we love.

Truly modern families

Acknowledging that every moment is precious—both in and outside the house—Hyundai came up with the “Make Quality Time” marketing campaign for the new fourth-generation Santa Fe SUV, targeting young families and using the hashtag #makequalitytime.

Encapsulating the idea that travel time inside the car doesn’t have to be mundane, Hyundai created a five-part ad series portraying modern families from different walks of life and situations while embracing diversity and breaking beyond traditional concepts and stereotypes.

Hyundai enlisted Jung von Matt to come up with a fresh and progressive approach that shows that family can mean a single dad and his multiethnic children, a couple with their sleepless dog, or a same-sex couple.

More inclusion

The latter is quite a meaningful step forward for a Korean company, considering that homosexuality remains a taboo topic in the country’s relatively conservative society. But by including a family consisting of bride and bride, Hyundai is reflecting the realities of family today, showing itself as a globalized industry leader that is recreating its values and providing more inclusive societal business practices.

In another ad, “Night Cradle,” a couple’s sleepless dog Rocky is driven around during the wee hours to make him go back to sleep. The other ads include a single dad and his multi-ethnic children, one of Asian heritage, going on a camping trip and connecting with an Asian mother through the Santa Fe video chat technology system.

The campaign is unique in that it syncs and intertwines the five different storylines and characters throughout digital, TV and print, including in Hyundai’s brochures—an industry first.

Hyundai’s recent marketing strategy is promoting a paradigm shift where the focus lies on its customers rather than the vehicle itself. The message: Santa Fe takes care of your family and relationships, no matter how diverse. It is the space in which quality time happens, for every kind of family.

The global campaign kicked off online on May 31.

Credit: Adweek