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Veteran Actor Psalm Adjetefio Apologised to Children, Calls For Public Support for Upcoming Surgery

He acknowledged he didn’t treat his children fairly



Veteran Actor Psalm Adjetefio Apologised to Children, Calls For Public Support for Upcoming Surgery
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Veteran actor Psalm Adjetefio, popularly known as TT of Taxi Driver Series fame, broke down in tears on national TV to apologise profusely to his children for his ‘wrongs’ as a father.

TT, who was speaking on The Delay Show, acknowledged he didn’t treat his children fairly. He revealed that he left them in the care of his mistress who maltreated them to the extent of sexually assaulting his daughter by driving her heels “into my daughter’s vulva.”

He described the woman as a “demon” who approached him to teach her to act. They, however, got into a relationship in the process just about the same time he also separated from his wife.

According to him, he is not the type of man who fancies going after different women. But he did that and separated from his wife because the wife didn’t respect him.

He added that the wife preferred listening to her friends’ advice to his.

However, he has accepted responsibility for the wrongs meted out to his children and apologised to them.

“I seldom chase women. I am that type of person who likes to be with my wife and children. I always picture that but I had to move my children to stay with another woman in Cape Coast. She did some things to the children, which they didn’t tell me early. If they had told me like by now I may be in prison. Somebody who can drive into the vulva of my daughter …if I am not home, she will call her into the bedroom and beat her for nothing. Then asked her to open her legs and step step her private part,” he disclosed.

“It is one big mistake I made in my life to forsake my own children. I hope to God, they have forgiven me. I went after a demon who was destroying my children. Today, I am sick it is the children who are taking care of me,” he added.

Psalm Adjetefio broke into tears as he continued, “I am really sorry. I pray that no man goes that way - forsaking your own children and going after a demon of a woman. Learn from my experience. Don’t do it because you will regret it.

I want to caution people to be patient if they are having problems in their marriage.”

The veteran actor has disclosed that he is also battling with enlarged heart complications and needs help from the public to foot the bills of his upcoming surgery.

He mentioned that he was told by his doctor that the lower chamber of his heart is unable to pump the blood fully so “I have to undergo a surgery” to correct the defect.

“According to my doctors, I have a large heart and they said the lower chamber of my heart is unable to pump the blood fully so after pumping the blood, some blood is left in the chamber. That is why my feet have swollen. Apart from my heart, I have to undergo some surgery to correct certain things in my body. They said some of the organs have shifted position,” he narrated.

According to the ‘James Town Fisherman’ actor, he is still active with his acting career because he has bills to settle with regards to his surgery and accommodation issues. But he is struggling and needs support.

“Currently, I still act to survive though I’m battling serious health issues. I have bills to pay so I can’t quit acting. I’m now perching with a friend at East Legon but we will be leaving to a different place soon. We’ve had a new place to rent at Dodowa area but had to pay GH¢10,000. Though I’m still not well yet I have to act to get money to pay for the rent.”

The veteran actor is currently appealing to the general public to help him pay for his surgery and accommodation charges.

Any person who wishes to help can call 0502370675.

Watch the interview below;