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"Pay Like A Boss" Campaign Launched by SlydePay

In an interview with Citi Business News, Lead of Product Development at Dream Oval, Claude Hutchful, said the payment system is very secure for ...



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As part of moves to encourage a cashlite economy, Slydepay has launched the “pay like a boss”.

The brand is designed to enhance fast and easy transactions by users.


In an interview with Citi Business News, Lead of Product Development at Dream Oval, Claude Hutchful, said the payment system is very secure for users of the platform.

“So Slydepay is very secure. We have really tightened processes around verifying users or people who try to access the platform. We are compliant with all the Bank of Ghana EMI rules around operating a platform like this” he stated.

“We believe that going cashless is the future. It just makes so much more sense than the traditional means of making payment” he added.

Mr. Hutchful further said “We are unveiling our new brand position which is “pay like a boss”. The old way of making payment through cash and sending is past, now you just simply sit in the comfort of your office or home and just “pay like a boss”. 

He also announced a new feature on the updated app – SlydeRemit.

This feature allows users to send money from slydepay to another bank account.

At the launch, the CEO of DreamOval, Mr. Derrydean Dadzie, (developers of Slydepay) encouraged Ghanaians to download the Slydepay app to enjoy easy payment and transactions.

“Money is a vital part of our day to day activities. We make transactions by the minute. No matter what you do for a career or earn for a living, we want to encourage you to do so like a BOSS. Be a BOSS in everything you do; post like a boss on Facebook, watch your favourite football team matches like a boss and most importantly pay for all your transactions like a boss”, he reiterated.

Slydepay is a locally-developed electronic payments platform that enables individuals, businesses, and institutions receive and send payments across a variety of channels including mobile phones, bank accounts, and payment cards (VISA & MasterCard).