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Airtel's Evolve with STEM Furthers STEM Education with Connected Classrooms Project

Airtel Ghana, the Smartphone Network has introduced the 'Connected Classroom' project to encourage ...



Airtel's Evolve with STEM Furthers STEM Education with Connected Classrooms Project
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Airtel Ghana, the Smartphone Network has introduced the ‘Connected Classroom’ project to encourage collaborative learning in schools with active STEM Clubs under its Evolve with STEM initiative.

Powered by the company’s superior data services, ‘STEM Clubbers’ from three schools – the La Wireless, Abossey Okai and Mataheko Roman Catholic Schools were connected via Skype to co-create, exchange ideas, knowledge and projects they are working on in their various clubs.The session involved over eighty pupils across JHS 1 – 3.

The STEM Club members were also mentored by a team from Airtel Ghana led by the Company’s CEO, Lucy Quist who encouraged them to be relentless in their pursuit for excellence in whatever they do.The teams demonstrated how technology enables daily activities like communication via mobile phones and introduced participating pupils to the use of Social media platforms such as Skype for educational purposes.



During the session, Airtel Ghana’s Acting Director for Networks, Thelma Quaye, used basic science principles to explain how mobile phone calls are initiated, connected and terminated. She also took participants through a basic course in coding and programming.

The Evolve with STEM initiative was launched in December 2015 to demystify and inspire greater participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Since inception more than 3000 pupils have benefitted from the initiative across four regions.

Speaking at the session, Airtel Ghana’s CEO, Lucy Quist said “STEM is both an enabler and a leveller especially for Africa. To drive the transformation our continent needs, we must empower the minds that will lead that transformation. Since 2015, we have been working with these young people through our Evolve with STEM initiative to inspire and encourage greater participation and adoption of STEM.

Today, harnessing the power of technology, we connected clubs across three schools, encouraged debate, collaboration and shared learning in a truly engaging way. 

Today’s session is a clear indication that when our children are empowered and encouraged, they will be better placed to lead the major shift our continent needs”.



She continued “Airtel is committed to enriching lives and empowering young people to fully realise their potential. This is a passion at the heart of our business and we will continue to pursue this well into the future.”

Airtel Ghana’s CSR programme won the Best CSR initiative at the Africa and Global Carrier Awards in 2016.